Loenbro has the experience, crews, equipment and flexibility to complete oil, gas and water pipelines of all types and sizes on time. We have worked with leading energy companies for more than a decade, constructing, inspecting and maintaining thousands of miles of gathering and transmission pipelines across North Dakota as well as Montana, Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West.

Many pipeline companies doing business in the Bakken and Rocky Mountain Region subcontract much of their work, increasing both costs and likelihood of delays. When you choose to partner with Loenbro, you gain the advantage of working with a company with the people, equipment and capacity to handle the job from start to finish, improving both your experience and the final results.

Our managers are some of the most experienced in the industry, able to plan, schedule and push projects through while keeping safety the priority. Most importantly, we are a company committed to forging strong relationships with our clients by solving your biggest challenges and following through on the commitments we make to you.

As a Loenbro customer, you’ll get access to our comprehensive range of services including:

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Bakken Pipeline Company

Pipeline Construction

Whether your pipeline infrastructure project requires steel, flex steel, fiberspar or polypipe, Loenbro can get it done.

Our crews are experienced in gathering systems, transmission lines and water systems construction. We will complete your pipeline project safely, on time and on budget.

Experienced in working with pipeline diameters ranging from 2 to 20 inches, Loenbro is the partner that can service a range of projects, including working with an assortment of pipe materials and pipe diameters.

  • Steel pipe
  • FlexSteel spoolable pipe
  • Fiberspar™ spoolable pipe
  • Poly pipe

Before starting your next pipeline construction project, call the experts at Loenbro to learn about the advantages that come from working with our team.


When time and space are tight, hydrovac excavation is the answer. Loenbro has multiple hydrovac crews and trucks on the ground throughout North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.

  • Precise and less-disruptive than traditional excavation
  • Cost effective solution for pipeline excavation in high-risk areas

Not all companies offer hydrovac services. That’s why you should choose Loenbro as your energy services partner in the Rocky Mountain region.

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Directional Boring

When your pipeline project is planned to cross waterways, roads or environmentally sensitive areas, Loenbro Pipeline’s dry and slick directional boring capabilities are an ideal solution.

  • Less disturbance to surface areas
  • Reduced impact in higher traffic areas
  • Placement of underground pipes without deep excavation, including in areas where curved installations are necessary

Directional boring (HDD) is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional open boring. When you become a Loenbro customer, you get access to one of our experienced boring crews. Contact us today to learn more.


As a company that has done business in Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas for more than a decade, Loenbro values the importance of constructing and restoring rights-of-way properly.

Working with landowners and businesses, we have the people, equipment and experience you want and need.

Our comprehensive right-of-way services include:

  • Initial clearing and grading
  • Restoration and reclamation

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Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing has been used in the oil and gas pipeline industry for decades to test existing lines and new pipelines as they are commissioned. Using industry best practices, Loenbro has been responsible for hydro testing of pipelines throughout North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming safely and effectively.

We are responsible for all phases of hydro testing, including cleaning, filling, removing water and drying pipelines to prepare them for service. Because we operate our own equipment and have crews specializing in hydrostatic testing, we can respond quickly. We also are able to immediately repair defects as they are identified, saving our clients time and money.

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Anomalies are more than an inconvenience – they can cost thousands of dollars a minute in downtime and lost product. Working together, our trained pipeline inspection team and pipeline welding crews are ready to mitigate loss by first detecting and repairing defects, replacing pipe or otherwise rehabilitating affected lines.

Loenbro is able to handle all aspects of your pipeline integrity management and anomaly work, including:

  • Corrosion and metal loss assessment
  • Gouge, dent, seam and buckle analysis
  • Evaluation of cracking and metal fatigue
  • Pipe replacement or repair
  • Composite repairs and sleeve installation
  • Targeted excavation and backfill
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • ROW work and maintenance

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Emergency Call Outs

If pipelines are damaged or failing, you can’t wait for a team to respond tomorrow or the next day. You need them now. Our long-term customers know that when they need us, we’re ready to take the call.

When you become a Loenbro customer, our emergency response team is at the ready, with the personnel and equipment required to assess and address the problem at hand. From repairing or replacing pipe to mitigating the loss of product and potential environmental impact on the surrounding area, we have the knowledge and experience to do what needs to be done.

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